Dr Livinghome is a decoration and diy blog. A blog where people matter more than things. A site where readers come to feel good and forget their problems. They come looking for inspiration, to learn how to overcome their barriers and do what they want… decoratively speaking, of course!

Style is more important than money here, because something can be expensive and ugly, or more humble and gorgeous. It’s all about beautiful things, whether they come from exclusive shops, or are ingenious diy projects made out of recycled material.

I use my own home as a kind of laboratory, decorating it with a mix of diy, restored furniture, handicrafts, stuff bought from big shops and stuff bought from little shops. This recipe has proven to be pretty popular as since I started out on this adventure in early 2015, I haven’t stopped growing. Dr Livinghome has appeared on some of the biggest decoration websites in the world and on Spanish national tv.

As someone who used to work in advertising, I truly understand the needs of companies looking to develop their brand, so I’m sure we could make a good team.

Types of collaboration

Sponsored posts

If you’d like to present your brand to the readers of Dr Livinghome, you can opt for the classic sponsored post, or a…

Product test

From including the product as a part of the decoration to creating an exclusive diy project, a product test is the type of collaboration that is most successful with readers as I tell them my experience first-hand and with my own photos.


You have another idea? Looking for a new, original way to get more visibility online? Get in touch and tell me your ideas!

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