About me

Hi, I’m Maria and I’m going to help you get the home that you deserve.

When I started to decorate my first home on the pittance I was getting paid in advertising (I’m part of the so-called ‘lost generation’ - the generation that started looking for work just as the financial crisis hit), I couldn’t afford the antiques and designer furniture that I liked so much but that didn’t mean I was going to settle for furniture and stuff from low-cost chains and that my home was going to end up the same as all the neighbours, my friends and acquaintances.

Instead of getting frustrated, I began renovating and restoring furniture and making the things I couldn’t afford to buy. I started off with simple projects like painting chairs and making my own diy copper pipe coffe table, within a few months I was taking on bigger challenges like my small kitchen remodel and build a diy tv stand inspired by Jonathan Adler’s creations.

My home has featured on the interior stylist Emily Henderson’s blog and the well-known Apartment Therapy, which you can see here.

You don’t need a fortune to have a beautifully decorated home, you just need to know how to do it, so stick around and I’ll explain how, starting with my 10 tips for a stylish home on a budget.

Why Dr. Livinghome?
I’m a great admirer of the Victorian explorers. Men (and a few women) who left the creature comforts of the UK (a country I adore) behind and set out to discover new lands, anxious to find new species of animal, plants, and uncontacted tribes, and spurred on by their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Seriously, just think about the bal…courage that they must’ve had to undertake something like this armed only with 19th century technology. Out of all of these, the Scot, David Livingstone stands out because he was the first white man to discover Victoria Falls and, because he fought against slavery. So, the name of my blog is a little tribute to Dr. Livingstone, and his defence of human rights.

What’s your style?
I’d define my style as eclectic, but I guess that this doesn’t really tell you that much, so I’ll try and be a bit more specific. I love hand-made accessories and rustic, antique wooden furniture, both of which remind me of my grandmother’s house. I’m mad about plants, a craziness I’ve inherited from my mother. I really modern art, and, in general, all kinds of arty objects. And I also really like designer furniture, with modern lines, but I combine them with personal touches so that they don’t look cold. The rocker inside of me breaks out in my use of black and gold, leather and velvet and my infatuation for the UK can be seen in my floral prints and tartan. I’d say that, on the scale between minimalism and maximalism, I fall somewhere in the centre, although I probably lean towards the former. Less great things is better than more cheap things. I don’t know if all that makes it all clear, or not, so maybe the best thing is just to have a look at my home decor for yourself.

Why DIY?
Because I love things that are unique, because I love creating and doing stuff with my hands, and because, as time goes on, I prefer to do more and buy less.
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