My bedroom makeover plans

My bedroom makeover plans

My modern and fresh bedroom makeover plans

My bedroom makeover is on its way! I'm going to tell you all about it

As I've finished decorating my small living room on a budget it's time to hit the second most important room - the bedroom.

The truth is that I already decorated my bedroom just over a year ago, but I absolutely hated the result. The whole decoration process was rushed,nand it showed. This is what my bedroom looked like:

My bedroom makeover plans

After deciding the color palette and the style I want to go for, I started shopping. I actually have almost everything I need so there's not that much to shop for. The reality is that I need to knuckle down to work!

I want my bedroom decor to look fresh and modern with a touch of vintage, just like my living room and my kitchen (if you missed it, it's time to check my diy small kitchen remodel). I'm including black of course, and I also want to add some hints of red.

My first attempt at decorating my bedroom ended up looking too romantic and a bit cheesy for my taste. Let's just say that the women in my family are more into red than into pink and we don't do pastels at all.

My bedroom makeover plans

Some thrifting finds

I absolutely love thrifting and buying secondhand stuff. I just adore it. It's an inexpensive way of adding unique characterful pieces to your decor and it's also eco-friendly. A perfect combination of style, budget and sustainability. Love it.

I also really enjoy the hunting and the buzz I get out of finding the perfect piece in a pile of junk. It's just not the same when you go to a perfectly styled store where everything is shiny and new. (yawn...)

The first thing I bought was this pair of vintage English sconces.

My bedroom makeover plans

I found them on eBay and my heart stopped. They had that vintage look and patina but still felt modern. I'm also a sucker for articulating lamps so I just had to have them. They were $30 and I had to change the sockets, so in total I ended up spending $45.

The next thing I bought were a couple of shelf brackets.

My bedroom makeover plans

I didn't want to use your average, everyday brackets. I wanted something a bit special and interesting without going too over the top. I found these shelves in a home decor store that was getting rid of all their eighties stuff. The colores were all a bit crazy but nothing some spray paint can't solve.

Fitting a workspace in my bedroom

I've had enough of working on my dining table in the lounge and my back has certainly had enough of it. Also, Mick's desk is right next to the dinner table too, so when we're both working, we're both cramped up in quite a tight little space. Squidging up on the sofa while watching a movie is one thing, but... I think it's time to have my own desk.

To fit a workspace in my bedroom, I had to take the rocking chair out. Mick found it on the street and we both absolutely love it but together with the velvet tufted headboard, it had to go.

I'll place a small diy desk in that space. Small desk, big ideas!! (hopefully...)

The rug

My bedroom makeover plans

First I bought this brick red rug and I love it. I love the color and it would go great with the black, white and green but I then I saw this plain white rug and loved it even more.

My bedroom makeover plans

I love the color and the texture although having a white rug may not be the best idea. It was just $50 so I'll take the risk.

New color for my wall

The wall in front of the bed is a bit weird. It's kind of divided into three parts so it's a bit tricky to decorate. I want to paint two of the three parts and the color I've chosen is grey. Grey isn't generally my favourite but I think it's the perfect color for that spot.

Right now, I'm trying different shades of grey (no pun intended...) to find the right one. I always rush this part of the process and decide on a particular shade without trying it first but this time I want to take my time and do it right.

The fabrics

My bedroom makeover plans

I love diying, and sewing pillows is really easy. I bought some lovely fabrics in black, white and grey that I believe will look awesome with the rest of the decor.

These are my overall plans for my bedroom makeover (part II). I'm going with a fresh, ecclectic, modern, clean vibe that i think represent us much better.

Do you like the look of it?

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