Easy diy tv stand: designer inspired diy tv stand

Easy diy tv stand

Make you own diy tv stand

Make this designer inspired diy tv stand. It's easy as pie and you'll be amazed by how good it looks and how good it makes your home look!

I've already said here how much I love Jonathan Adler's style. I don't know how, or why, but my eyes are always drawn to the most expensive options. I get into any store, I pick up any item I like and it almost always turns out to be the priciest thing they've got. It's a shame my bank balance doesn't go that well with this talent I've got...

The thing is, even if you can't afford designer pieces, you can always look to them for inspiration. And I'm very inspired by Jonathan Adler's work. That's why I did this diy accent pillow and now this Antibes collection inspired diy tv stand.

Easy diy tv stand
My first thought was using mid century style legs but I've got a couple of pieces with this type of legs and I want a change. I'm so happy with they way that they look!

Easy diy tv stand
I know, I know. If it's a tv stand... where is the tv? Well, the tv doesn't look good in pictures, does it? So I did a bit of styling to make this diy tv stand look as good as it does in real life.

Designer inspired easy diy tv stand

Materials for this diy tv stand

Easy diy tv stand

This tv stand is 35x15x23" so the materials listed here fit these measurements. If you want it bigger or smaller you'll need to adapt them to your needs.
  • All the wood needs to be .75" thick. For the sides, you need 2 pieces that are 14.3x15", the top is 35x15" and for the bottom, you need a bit that is 33.6x15". Finally, for the dooors, 2 pieces of 17.5x15"
    The back, which can be wood or a cheaper material like MDF is 33.6x13.6" and the thickness is up to you. I wouldn't pick a very thick piece because it will make the tv stand too heavy.
    Legs. Pieces of wood 1.6x1.6" thickness. 4 pieces 8" long (legs). 2 pieces 7.5" long. 1 piece 32"
  • A box of 1/2" wood screws
  • Screwdriver
  • 2" wood screws - 9 units
  • 90 degree right angle brackets - 12 units
  • Wood glue
  • 90 bronze pin studs
  • Pencil and ruler
  • 4 hinges
  • Electric jigsaw
  • Drill
  • Sand paper
  • Black paint, wood stain and clear varnish

Step 1. Put the main pieces together

Easy diy tv stand

Easy diy tv stand

Glue the pieces together (except the doors and back) using wood glue. Once it dries, screw two brackets on each side to make the diy tv stand sturdier.

Step 2. Cut out the diamond shape

Easy diy tv stand

Place both doors in such a way that the wood grain has continuity. Draw a little mark in the very center and from there draw the 4 points of the diamond. My diamond is 7"x4" so I had to draw two marks 3.5" away from the center point horizontally and two marks 2" away from the center point horizontally. Connect the dots and you'll get your diamond shape.

Easy diy tv stand
It took me several attempts to I find the perfect diamond size

Use the jigsaw to cut out the diamond shape. Please, be careful!

Step 3. Put the legs together

Easy diy tv stand

Glue the pieces together like in the photo above. Once dried, again you'll need to use screws to make the structure sturdier. You'll need to use the drill to drill a hole so the long screws will go in easily and they won't cause any damage to the wood. Use a drill bit that's a bit thinner than the screws. To avoid the screw head standing out (it's not very pretty, is it?) you'll need to drill a hole right on top of the first hole but this time using a bigger drill. Don't go too deep this time.

Then you need to glue the longest piece right in the middle and repeat the screw/drill process.

Step 4. Put the leg structure and the main structure together

Easy diy tv stand

Use wood glue for this purpose and then, yes, one more time, use the fabulous combination drill+screw. See? Lots of screw, drill and glue, which is why this diy tv stand is so easy.

Step 5. Sand, paint and varnish

Sanding is a very important part of the process so don't skip it or this diy tv stand will end up looking too diy. I stained the wood using an oaky color but you can leave the raw wood or paint it if you want to. I almost painted it white and used brass studs. It think it would have looked good too but I prefer it like it ended up. It fits in better with the rest of the decor.

I painted the legs and the inside in black. Once you're finished, varnish the whole thing, applying two coats if necessary.

Step 6. Put the back and the doors in place

Easy diy tv stand

I used concealed hinges but they are a pain to install so I recommend you use normal hinges. Actually I got these concealed hinges from our diy small kitchen remodel. I got rid of some of the kitchen cabinets but kept the hinges for a future diy project and here it is.

Step 7. Add the studs

Easy diy tv stand

Before nailing them in, my recomendation is to just put them on the diy tv stand and move them around until you come up with the design you like. Two lines or three? One line all along the edge? There are a world of possibilites!

Easy diy tv stand

Once you've decided your design, use the ruler and the pencil to mark the position of every stud. Make sure they are evenly spaced. You need to be extra careful here. A messy job could spoil the whole tv stand. Be patient, and be meticulous.

Easy diy tv stand

If we discount the drying times you can put this diy tv stand together in just one afternoon, and another afternoon for painting and varnishing.

If you're looking for other pieces of furniture, take a look at this diy mid century sideboard.

You know, diy is not about becoming a professional carpenter and using every tool to perfection. It's about being resourceful and going for it. If you don't know how to use a drill or a jigsaw, now is always the perfect time to start practicing. I promise you'll then use them for many, many projects.

Do you like this designer inspired easy diy tv stand?

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