Diy accent pillow: designer inspired pillow cover

Diy accent pillow

Make you own diy accent pillow

Turn a plain white pillow into a swoonworthy diy accent pillow with this designer inspired diy pillow tutorial

I absolutely love Jonathan Adler's creations. His style is anything but boring and I love how he masterfully mixes sophistication and fun. I had already made this easy diy tv stand inspired by one of his designs and now I present you my diy accent pillow inspired by this stylish (and expensive) reversible pillow:

Jonathan Adler
How can pillow cases be so not photogenic at all?

The best thing about diy is that no matter what you do, everything is 100% customizable. The original pillow cover is square but a rectangular shaped pillow fitted my sofa better so I changed tack while I was doing it and made it rectangular. See? Pure magic.

Jonathan Adler inspired diy accent pillow

Materials needed

Diy accent pillow

  • White pillow case
  • Black fabric paint
  • Ruler
  • Tailor chalk
  • Masking tape
  • Iron
  • Wool
  • Needle

Step 1. Draw the squares on the pillow case

Diy accent pillow

The first thing you need to do is draw a big square leaving 0.8" round the edge. My pillow is 20x20" so the inner square was 19x19" approx. Use the ruler and the tailor chalk for this job. Then you need to decide how big you want the black squares to be. Mine are 5.5". When you draw these 9 squares make sure you leave the same amount of space between them.

Diy accent pillow
As you can see in the photo, it took me several tries until I got the perfect measurements. Don't worry, these marks will disappear once you put it in the washing machine

There's still a bit more drawing to do. You need to draw the smallest squares, right in the middle of the other squares (This sounds like a tongue twister but it is really, really easy). My little squares are a third of the size of the squares that contains them. Make sure you draw them in the very center of every square.

Step 2. Protect those areas you don't want to paint

Diy accent pillow

Use the masking tape to protect the area around every square and also inside every small square.

Don't jump over the previous step right to this one. The squares need to be the same size and be placed in the right place so no one will believe this is a diy accent pillow but some beauty you bought in a boutique.

Paso 3. Paint the squares black

Diy accent pillow

Place an old towel inside the pillow case because it is very likely that the paint will soak through. It is very important that you move your brush like this, from the tape into the fabric so that it doesn't bleed under the tape:

Diy accent pillow

Leave the paint to dry (it usually takes between 24 and 48 hours) and then iron the pillow case inside out.

Step 4. Embroider the smallest squares

Diy accent pillow

Ok, this step is very easy but a bit time consuming so go on Netflix and watch a couple episodes of your favourite series while you do it. The idea is to make it iregular and imperfect so you need to do some long stiches, some short ones, some to the left, some upwards... you get the idea. Make sure you completely cover the fabric.

As I said earlier on, the pillow was square in the beginning but then I decided a rectangular shape would look better so I sewed it. Improvising, they call it.

Diy accent pillow

Diy accent pillow

It's always hard for me to find affordable and pretty pillows that are within my color palette. I don't want to end up using the same Ikea pillows that everybody else has, which is why I almost always turn to diy.

I also love textured and embroidered pillows and those tend to be the priciest. That's why I'm extra happy with my diy accent pillow. It looks just on point, don't you think?

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  1. Bravo et merci pour ce DIY, je vais m'en inspirer car tout est très bien expliqué.


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