Diy vanity for small space

Diy vanity for small space

Make your own diy vanity perfect for a small space

Make your own diy ladder-style vanity to store your accessories and create a little corner of beauty even in a small space

Doesn't matter if you live in a tiny flat because this diy vanity will barely take any space.

Although I spend about 0.1 minutes a day getting ready (getting ready for what exactly, I often wonder), I love vanities, especially if they're art deco. But, if I were to put a vanity in our house, it'd have to double up as a dining table or something... we simply don't have the space.

So, here's a 21st century diy vanity that'll fit in your room, no matter how small. It's perfect if you share a flat (whether with your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, significant other or with friends) because we all know how thorny an issue shared bathrooms can be.

Diy vanity for small space

The best thing about this diy vanity is that it's pretty, decorative amd useful – it isn't just somewhere to put your make up on, or do your hair. It's somewhere you can hang the earrings, bracelets and scarves you use the most.

Diy vanity for small space

Diy ladder-shaped vanity for a small space

This diy is a bit scary because it means using two scary things: electriciy and drills.

The drill used to terrify me when I was little. Every time my dad used it to make a hole in the wall it made an awful racket and I was scared something terrible would happen (to my dad, that is). Now I've grown up, I have to say that drills are one of the most harmless and easy-to-use tools there is. They're also also cheap! Seriously, if you're into diy, get yourself one. They cost next to nothing and you can use it for a million things.

The other scary thing – electricity – well, you're going to see how easy joining cables and wires is. There's no big secret, and I'm sure you've done way more complicated things that you haven't even stopped to think twice about.

  • Two round poles (5' 7” long)
  • 6 pieces of wood to go between the two poles. I used old bits of wood of just over a foot long
  • 2 little bits of wood to support the shelf
  • Sandpaper
  • A 12” x 12” mirror
  • Glue
  • Black spray paint (matte)
  • Matte varnish spray
  • 5 bases for small lightbulbs
  • 5 small lightbulbs
  • A screw terminal block (wire connector) to join the cables together
  • 5” cable
  • 5” of mains electric cable with a plug (similarly...5')
  • 3 hose clamps
  • 3 glass jars
  • Drill bit for metal and a crown (or flat drill bit) of the same size as the lightbulb bases.
  • Screws, nails and metal hooks

Step One. Sand and assemble the structure

The first step is to sand the pieces and then nail the cross pieces (except the two top), leaving a distance of about 8” between then, and a gap of 24” above for the mirror, shelf and the cross piece with the lights.

Step Two. Assemble the shelf

We're going to use the two little bits of wood to support the shelf. Nail them in at the same height, just below where you're going to put the mirror and then nail (or glue) a cross piece on top of them to form a shelf.

Step Three. Put holes in the cross piece for the lightbulbs and nail it onto the main structure

Diy vanity for small space

With a pencil, mark where the holes will go. Now, with a crown or flat drill bit that's the same size as the lightbulb bases, make the holes. Show no fear!! Sand the inside of the holes and fix the piece to the main structure with nails, leaving enough space for the mirror.

Step Four. Assemble the lights

Diy vanity for small space

The lights are what make this DIY vanity really glamorous. Cut 5 bits of wire, each about 9 inches long, one for each bulb and peel the plastic back at the ends. Next, take apart each base, and position the cables as in the photo, tightening the screws well so that everything stays in place and then put the base back together.

I don't know if it sounds complicated, but, honestly, it's easy peasy! You just have to stick each cable in a hole and then tighten so that it doesn't come out.

To finish the electricity bit, you have to join these 5 cables to the mains cable that'll be the one we plug in to the wall socket. For this, we use the screw terminal block (wire connector), which is the thing that connects all the cables together.

As you can see in the last photo, we join togehter all the cables of the same color and put them in one of the holes, and in the other side, we put the wire of the same color from the mains cable. As before, tighten up the screws so they don't all escape. As before, no big mystery!

Diy vanity for small space

This is what the cables should look like once you've got all the lightbulb bases in the holes.

Step Five. Put the lightbulbs bases in the holes and fix them with glue

Step Six. Position the clamps and the hooks

You're going to need that drill again to make the holes for the clamps. This time, use a metal drill bit. Once you've got the holes done, you have to screw the clamps to the wood where you want them. The same goes for the hooks – put them where you want them.

Step Seven: Paint the vanity

Diy vanity for small space

The most important thing is to protect the lightbulb bases. Then comes the fun part – painting! To paint well with spray and avoid drips, make short 'strokes' with the can vertical and about 8 inches away, putting on thin coats and letting each coat dry before adding the next.

The advantages of spray paint over traditional paint is that it drys very quickly (about half an hour), it's easy to get into the little nooks or do complicated pieces and that there aren't any brush strokes when you finish.

Once the vanity is painted, repeat the process but with varnish spray, so as to seal the paint.

A little diy trick: when painting with spray, it's much better to protect the space around us with paper than with plastic. Paper absorbs the paint, meaning there's less chance of you getting it on you, or of stepping on wet paint and then leaving footprints all over the house.

Step Eight. Stick the mirror on the vanity and put the glass jars in the clamps

Diy vanity for small space

The only thing left to do is to put all your lovely things on your new diy vanity.

Diy vanity for small space

Diy vanity for small space

Diy vanity for small space

This diy ladder vanity suits me perfectly because I'm short-sighted and when I put make up on, I have to lean right over the bathroom sink until I'm about 15cm away from the mirror so as to avoid putting eyeliner on my forehead and going out looking like Krusty the clown. With this vanity, it's much easier and I've got everything at hand.

It's not a 20 minute diy, but, seriously, it's well worth it.

You like how it looks?

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