Diy home decor projects: diy brass lamp

Diy brass lamp

Diy brass lamp

Step-by-step tutorial on how to make this gorgeous diy brass lamp to style your desk, badside table or credenza.

This is one of those diys that seems scary at first sight. Scary because a lamp means electricity, and nobody likes getting an electric shock, and because it involves using loads of pieces whose names you've never ever heard before, like, ever....but, honestly, this lamp is a very easy diy. You can go from having all the pieces laid out on the table to having the lamp done and dusted in less than an hour, which tells you how easy it is.

I'm a big fan of the classic Jieldé lamp from way back. I think they're beautiful – both the classic and the more modern, different colored ones. They go with all styles and their exceptional design has meant that, through the years, they always look original.

To be honest, for me, the only negative is the price. They are so darned expensive! And not just the originals. Even the replicas and designs inspired by the original are expensive.

In my longing to have a Jieldé (even if it was only a rip off) I came to the conclusion that it didn't seem a design that'd be that difficult to copy, and that my longing could be channelled into a diy brass lamp project.

How to make this diy Brass Lamp

A bit of online investigation took me to the website of Grand Brass, a shop in West Haven, CT, which specializes in selling lamp pieces. They have absolutely every single piece that you could possibly dream of. The gates of heaven opened. I selected all the bits I needed to make my diy brass lamp:

  • 4 x Adjustable friction swivel (1/8F X 1/8F ips.) SV140
  • 1 x Cast iron weight (3-3/8in) WTTB1
  • 1 x Modern canopy with 1/8ips slip through hole. CAS07
  • 4 x Hollow pipe stem threaded on both ends (8in. X 1/8) PIBR08-0X8
  • 1 x Cast solid brass threaded medium base short keyless socket. SO9347CB
  • 1 x Parabolic shade. SHPBBR
  • 1 x Tapered swivel (1/8M X 1/8F) SV516
  • 1 x 3/4in. steel washer with 1/8ips slip threw hole. WA0-3/4X8
  • 1 x Female hex head nut-steel (1/8-27 I.P.S.(3/8in.O.D.) NU234
  • 1 x Threaded hollow plated steel nipple (8-1/2in. X 1/8ips. (3/8in. O.D.) NI8-1/2X1/8

All these items cost 74$ aprox.

Other items you'll need that can be purchased at your local hardware store. You'll need:

  • A cable with a plug and integrated (inline) on/off switch
  • A 5 foot length of regular cable (the thinner, the better)
  • You'll also need an screw terminal block (electrical connector) to join the two cables together. Don't worry – it's super-easy!

Once you've got all the pieces, you can get to work on putting your diy lamp together.

Diy brass lamp

The first thing to do is drill a hole in the brass base for the cable to go through. For this, you have to use a drill bit that's suitable for drilling through metal. Apart from that, it's like drilling a wall or a bit of wood.

With the hole in the base drilled, you can move onto assembling the diy lamp. It's really easy – all you have to do is pass the regular cable (the one that doesn't have the plug and switch) through the different pieces of the lamp in this order:

Diy brass lamp

Once that's done and all the pieces are tight, flip the lamp to see how much cable you've got coming out the bottom. Leave about an inch and cut the rest.

The next step is to connect the cable you've just cut to the other cable, which has the plug and switch. For this, you'll need the screw terminal block. I explain this really clearly in this other post, where I looked at how to make a diy wall light.

Diy brass lamp

Diy brass lamp

Pop the screw terminal block in the hole in the weight and stick it with strong sticky tape.

To finish up, tighten up all the pieces again, making sure the joins are all good. The only thing after that is to put in a bulb, voilà! You can now enjoy your diy brass lamp!

Diy brass lamp

Seriously, I'm in heaven! Just like the original Jieldes, this brass lamp goes well with any style – boho, ecletic, scandinavian, glam, industrial... The metal finish is really in fashion, but, if you prefer, you can spray paint it in whatever color you like.

It's beautiful, don't you think?

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